Cool Off With The Menopod™ - GIVEAWAY

Congratulations to Teresa K., winner of the Menopod™ giveaway!


Say goodbye to your hot flashes with the Menopod™! As seen on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, the Menopod™ incorporates patented technology to bring you almost instant cooling relief from hot flashes and night sweats. Charge the Menopod™ quickly from your computer or wall plug and then toss in your purse for convenient and discrete relief wherever you go.

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Quick cooling relief when you need it the most!

When activated, the Menopod™ cools within seconds to 41ºF (5ºC) and when applied to the neck helps alleviate the severity of hot flashes and migraine headaches. In real-life trials, one tester said, “It cools my core right down!” and another raved, “Even 10 minutes later, I can still feel the cooling effects.”

We are thrilled to announce that the All Things Menopause Store is the exclusive distributor of the Menopod™ and we are giving away SIX units, valued at $179.99, to members of the All Things Menopause Community. Enter below for up to 7 (seven) chances to win!

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What serendipity! After having uterus removed years ago, then ovaries, never had a hot flash, now, one year after breast cancer diagnosis, I have them... So glad I received an email for this site! Lots,of great info esp re Vitamin D Deficiency which I also,have. Thanks for the great info, 
Posted by Marilyn on
My mom is no longer with us and I have so many questions left to ask!  I never, ever, remember her once complaining about menopause symptoms, I feel like such a wimp compared to her.  I've had on and off symptoms for over ten years now, honestly, when will this be over?!  The worst for me is nights sweats which happen two to three times/night when I'm in the cycle.  And then poof, I won't have them for three months until one night... argh!  A Menopod sounds like a divine intervention right about now!
Posted by MrsPollo on
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