Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

As you enter perimenopause, you may start experiencing some of these symptoms:



These symptoms are caused by the fluctuating hormone levels in your body. Everyone experiences them differently. Talk to your medical practitioner if your symptoms are affecting your life - there are many treatments and products that can help, including lifestyle and diet changes, supplements, medications, and hormone replacement.


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I would always suggest to go to your doctor as your doctor should be able to diagnose the menopause by discussing your  menopause symptoms and taking into account your age and whether or not you're still having periods. If you're under 45, you may also be offered a blood test.
Doctor  recommends keeping a list or diary. "A list can be good as a memory aid, and a little diary of how often you’re getting hot flushes can help your Doctor whether they're average or more frequent than average.
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