Hot Flashes Getting You Down?


You’re not the only one! Hot flashes are the most common menopause symptom with 1 in 4 women experiencing them regularly.

The exact cause isn’t completely understood, but they seem to be related to your brain mistakenly believing you’re too hot and increasing blood flow to blood vessels near the skin’s surface to dissipate your body heat. This can cause a sudden feeling (flash) of heat, flushed red face, sweating, and rapid heartbeat. A hot flash can be followed by chills, and some women will only experience the chill.

Although nothing will get rid of them completely, there are ways to lessen the number or impact of your hot flashes:

  • Avoid triggers like stress, caffeine, alcohol, cigarette smoking or second-hand smoke, spicy foods, tight clothing, and heat.

  • Stay cool with fans, air conditioning, and light, loose layers of clothing.

  • Deep breathing, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques, both regularly and at the onset of a hot flash.

  • Make a regular daily exercise a habit.

  • Talk to your medical practitioner about medical treatments. These can include non-prescription treatments (Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, and Ibuprofen), and prescription treatments including hormone replacement therapy and other medications.

Some (lucky!) women will only experience hot flashes for a short time while others may have them for life. Thankfully, they usually they become less severe with time. Share your experiences and your tips for dealing with hot flashes in the Community.


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