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Doing perimenopause vs. depression

How can one tell where hormones begin vs. emotions? Perimenopause hit this past Spring, and I can't seem to get a handle on my e… 2954 1

WORST Menopause Moment!! Come on ladies, spill!!

All right ladies, share with your sisters so we can all commiserate! What has been your most embarrassing, uncomfortable, or sur… 2832 1

What is happening to my skim

Help! I can not believe that I am breaking out again! Thought I was done all that after High School. Any suggestions on what to … 2859 2

Hot flashes and magnesium

hello everybody. I have been having a lot of hot flashes lately but no other symptoms. My monthly visitor still arrives on a re… 3298 1

The Movie Still Alice!

I just watched this movie with Julianne something (red haired actress) and as you can tell already I have memory issues that are… 2824 1

Natural remedies vs. prescription

Hi ladies, Has anyone actually tried natural remedies for menopause symptoms with any success? I'd like to go homeopathic if p… 2919 6

Menopausal Aches or Fibromyalgia or Worse??

Hey FiftySomething Ladies - - (I only barely qualify as such. ;-) ) Ever since I turned 50, I feel like my body has been run ove… 5165 5
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